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LimeWire is a popular file sharing program that enable users to share or search content over the Internet through P2P and Bittorrent protocols.I am absolutely devastated over the recent termination of Limewire and was wondering if there are any other credible free P2P filesharing softwares that.LimeWire was a free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client program that ran on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating systems supported by the Java software.

Luckily for them, there are plenty of alternatives and potential replacements former LimeWire users can choose from.We pulled together a list of some LimeWire alternatives. of an alternative to LimeWire.In 2008, the client introduced its FrostClick service through which it promotes independent artists, which has been very successful.Here are 40 best free P2P file sharing software. like: safe and secure.Limewire Download Booster is a modern download engine enhancement to a widely popular P2P client Limewire.

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Recommended LimeWire variation to use is WireShare, which was released for Windows March 2014 and is an upgrade to LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 from late 2010.Free to download programs that can replace or work as LimeWire Pirate Edition alternatives.

LimeWire users who want to give BitTorrent a try might also want to consider using a dedicated torrent client such as uTorrent, Vuze or Transmission.Check out Limewire Alternatives. since LimeWire, P2P file sharing client is shutdown.

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Whatever Happened to P2P File Sharing Sites like Kazaa and. Limewire.

Some of the programs, like LimeWire,. 3 Limewire Limewire is a very popular P2P file sharing program which uses the Gnutella network.

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Morpheus is an age-old P2P application and, with support for Gnutella, eDonkey.

It is able to download a given file from the BitTorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella 2 and eDonkey networks simultaneously.There are dozens, if not hundreds of alternatives to LimeWire that can be used for sharing and finding files.FrostWire is similar to LimeWire in use and layout, and is fully compatible with iTunes.

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It works on Windows and Mac and the application supports both Gnutella and BitTorrent downloads.Other notable P2P applications are Soulseek, Ares and eMule.The real Shareaza released version in June 2010, while Shareaza.com is currently promoting version 7.

Download p2p file sharing programs like limewire - MP3 Rocket LimeWire-based file sharing network, and much more programs.

FrostWire Ever since Lime Wire made its Tuesday announcement, the name FrostWire has been floating around the Web as a viable alternative.The effects of the LimeWire verdict can already be felt by P2P.FrostWire Free Featured Torrent Downloads Showing out of features.It is capable of downloading any file format including video files and software.Acqlite is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire,.In a response to the decision LimeWire made its client unusable, leaving millions of users with no other option than to find an alternative.

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LimeWire May 5, 2011 and newer have been disabled using a backdoor installed.

These are all file sharing programs. Edit. Share to: Shoemakerleve9.In addition to downloads, MP3Rocket also has hundreds of streamable radio and TV-channels.